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Pilates Education Program

Pilates Education Program in Scottsdale - delaFIT

8-Week Pilates Training: A TRICORE Education Program

Learn mat and reformer Pilates from basic to intermediate levels in 8 weeks.

Registration begins now and ends May 31st. Spots are limited to 6 people so don't delay!

Two weekends worth of workshops/ in-person training: June 17th-18th and July 15th-16th. Complete of the 8 weeks by August 12th.

To reserve a spot or inquire, contact Diana Navarro:


7342 E Shea Blvd. Ste 107

Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Event Date/ Time: 6/17/2017 8:00 AM

  • 1 Student Registration
  • Limit One Voucher Per Student
  • Voucher Cannot Be Redeemed After Event ( 6/17/2017 8:00 AM )